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There are many situations in windows application development when we need to create windows controls at run time.The following example shows how to create and add controls to group box(create textbox and label control in groupbox dynamically). String Format) Then ' Optionally move the cursor position so ' the user can see where the drop would happen.

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for example they could enter the month first, no leading zeros , 4 digit year. like the one below....correct me if I m wrong....i know its waste of time for manual entry since user can enter any garbage value....

Add a datetimepicker to the form Set the following properties Format = Custom Custom Format = "MM / dd / yy" Show Up Down = True With that the format will always be the way you want it. I know I would defenatelly - bad experiances from before - belive me.

Write Line("I can drag") Else ' Do not allow the drop. Private Sub Txt_Format String_Drag Over(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

None End If End Sub ' If string data is available, allow a copy.

All End If End Sub Private Sub Text Box1_Drag Drop(sender As System.

I am trying to drag text from a list view control (I generated the string I want to appear in the text box) to the text box.

Here is my code: Private Const EM_CHARFROMPOS As Int32 = &HD7 Private Structure POINTAPI Public X As Integer Public Y As Integer End Structure Private Declare Function Send Message Long Lib "user32" Alias _ "Send Message A" (By Val h Wnd As Int Ptr, By Val w Msg As _ Int32, By Val w Param As Int32, By Val l Param As Int32) As _ Long ' Return the character position under the mouse. Y * &H10000)) And &HFFFF& End Function Private Sub Txt_Format String_Drag Enter(sender As Object, e As Drag Event Args) Handles Txt_Format String.

Public Function Text Box Cursor Pos(By Val txt As Text Box, By Val X As Single, By Val Y As Single) As Long ' Convert screen coordinates into control coordinates. Point To Client(New Point(X, Y)) ' Get the character number Text Box Cursor Pos = Send Message Long(txt.

What if user inserts some other numbers, like 123456? You have to force user to SELECT a date, so choose between datetimepicker, or monthcalendar.

this code I have written in textbox validating event.

Elsewhere in my program i am dragging to a panel just fine however I always get the "drag not allowed" mouse symbol when attempting to drag to my text box.

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