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[email protected] to Top To arm consumers with information they can use to block or filter unwanted calls, below are resources to help consumers of wireless, traditional landline, and Vo IP voice services to stop annoying robocalls.The descriptions and links below are provided for informational purposes only.Market research or polling calls to residential wireline numbers are not restricted by FCC rules, nor are calls on behalf of tax-exempt non-profit groups.

Under FCC rules, anyone making a telephone solicitation call to your home must provide his or her name, the name of the person or entity on whose behalf the call is being made, and the telephone number and address where that person or entity can be contacted.

Telephone solicitation calls to your home are prohibited before 8 am or after 9 pm, and telemarketers are required to comply immediately with any do-not-call request you make during a call.

Spoofing is not the same thing as blocking a phone number.

FCC rules require telephone companies to make phone number blocking available and free for all calls between states (each state makes its own rules about calls that stay within the state).

The opt-out mechanism must be announced at the outset of the message and must be available throughout the duration of the call.

For schools who have questions about compliance with the Commission's robocalls rules, please contact Richard.

Callers are prohibited from making telephone solicitations to any numbers on the Do Not Call list.

Your numbers will remain on the list until you remove them or discontinue service – there is no need to re-register numbers.

Businesses must have your prior express written consent before making telemarketing robocalls.

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