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If you feel you can trust someone and want to meet them choose a very public place and take an older friend or a friend you can trust with you.

Let someone know where you'll be and what time they should expect you home.

Join the UK's most vibrant dating community, where young and attractive UK singles hang out, for fun, friendship and chatting online to members of the opposite sex.

Don't pay for chat rooms - unless you can see exactly what you get for your money.

UK chat sites are normally free to use, so be wary if someone asks you to pay.

It costs a little bit more than an average dating site, but that ensures that it remains Quality Dating - where the best people meet. Lots of like-minded mature people online for you to chat to, flirt with and possibly meet.

More Dating sites Many dating sites only show you people who live on the other side of the world.

Never send money to anyone, no matter how nice they seem.

Never arrange to meet anyone that you know only from what you've learned about them via the Internet.

Don't give away too many details about your routine.

For example, don't tell anyone where you work, which school you go to, or places you like to go or when you'll be at a particular place. Loopy Love Loopy Love is a free dating service, different to other dating services on the web.

If someone sends you pictures, don't always believe that this is really a picture of them - you can never be sure.

Never give out private details about you, your family, your school or our friends.

) and try new restaurants together, and romance could blossom.

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