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Hello,today i wanted to update my bios (from "P02-A2" to "P03-A3) because i want to use my new processor - intel i7 3770, but after start updating i got sad massage "Rom file size does not match existing BIOS size".I have got a predator g3610 and i was installing it through DOS by using pendrive.

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Fortunately for us, the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) provides a built-in mechanism for updating BIOS versions.

In this How-To guide, we are going to cover: The examples shown are geared toward Dell machines.

Hi everyone, I have the Maximus VI Formula motherboard and just noticed that there was a bios update to 0903.

Short post shorter, after a recent hardware change, issues were encountered on a Dell system until the BIOS was updated.

The progress bar is full, but it still says "updating" with the logo spinning. Here's a picture: weary of turning off the PC incase it is still working, but this seems off.

Using the ASUS EZ Update utility, it downloaded the latest bios from the internet and went to the "updating screen". That saved almost 1.5 hours of otherwise deploying (if I could) an image to the system and getting it configured enough to be operational for just a BIOS EXE deployment run.I’ve posted a lot of write-ups here on GSD blog regarding custom Win PE disks. If you don’t feel like reviewing all those posts, here are some tools or basic steps in building your own Win PE boot tool: It’s been quite a while since I built a Win PE disk/USB.I might need to add making a fresh Win10 WAIK-based Win PE build to my considerable “to-do” list so I can try out the changes to Win Builder and some of these other “newer” Win PE building tools that have come along since I last fiddled with things. I want to update BIOS using the supplied ISO image.Create a new folder named BIOS Updates (or something similar).

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