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88 Chevrolet for Hendricks Motorsports has suffered from the repercussions of a concussion earlier in the season, and has been diligently following the advice of his doctors to not get back in the race car.Earnhardt has had at least four concussion-related injuries in his career, dating back to violent wrecks at Auto Club Speedway in 2002 and at Dover in 2003, when he had to be air-lifted to a local hospital after being found unconscious after the collision.

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Carey Hal Dyess, 73, killed lawyer Jerrold Shelley, who represented Dyess’ ex-wife in their 2006 divorce.

“I’m really excited and have enjoyed going through the process.

I’ve never been married before and I'm excited to be marrying Amy." Reimann is an interior designer and native of Texas.

“I was miserable that she wasn’t here,” he told the AP at Talladega.

“It just proves to me how much she means to me and how important she is to me.

She’s been a big help in getting me out of my shell.” Earnhardt talked about how he spent so many years holed up in his motor home at the race track, how he turned down many invitations to parties or events just to sit at his computer and online race, according to the AP.

“I thought I was having fun, but I was really miserable,” he said.

And he's not just eye candy, scoring five consecutive seasons in the top 12 or better before things went haywire in 2016. Sometimes, you don't even know if you're concussed. We can only look on from the sidelines and respect the decision, no matter how it turns out."Drivers are a perishable fruit, just like anyone else that is an athlete," Brad Keselowski said this past weekend at Michigan. You have to be careful not to drop the fruit and bruise it.

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