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LOL The always outspoken Brandi had her Podcast One debut a couple of days ago, and she did not...

Former model and BFF/”wife” of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, Jennifer Gimenez, is stepping out with a new beau!

But I finally realized that sobriety had to come first, and it has not been easy.

Thank God that nowhere in any 12-step book does it say you have to look cute while you’re in recovery! Drew, when you see him on TV, the camera does not lie—he is exactly who he appears to be. Do you think they built a stronger base for your sobriety?

“The negative stuff people say about Brandi, it’s not true.

If they knew Brandi like I do they wouldn’t believe the bullish*t,” Jennifer said. She lived with me for a year, and my boys love her.

So now, I’ll leave you with this little bit of knowledge. When you have to make the airplane noise to get your cock in her mouth.

with Johnny Depp) is going to have some pretty wild stories.

Will came in with a jolly “hi” and to play some “you sir, are a moron” and have a few yuks. What’s the sexiest piece of clothing a woman can wear? But let’s just any place that serves raw squid and shit like that. Angelina Jolie said she will now have her ovaries removed as a precautionary measure, making her one step closer to a Terminator.

What is the minimum amount of showers a person can take in a week and it be acceptable? Rod Stewart said steroids made his pee-pee shrink, no word on what’s up with his face though.

Maybe not so surprisingly, Rawdog thinks you can get away with a shower every other day, and he’s got the ball stink to prove it. Everyone seems to be in agreement that the sun is better, men should never do it, and women can get away with a touch-up here and there. What is the best way to get out of a speeding ticket? If you had to get rid of a dead body, who on the show staff would you call? And who is the last person associated with the show that you’d call to help get rid of a dead body? Metallica, taking a page out of Katy Perry’s playbook, has a 3D movie coming out called “Through the Never.” It’s part concert film, part movie, and all out fucking Hey, are you fat? Ladies and gentleman, we have started our decent, please get on your knees, open your mouth, and stare up at me with a look of longing.

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