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Oscar winner Alicia Vikander from Gothenburg, Västra Götalands Iän, Sweden: “In ‘The Danish Girl,’ playing the wife, I first knew nothing was icky in it. Oscar winner for Best Adapted Screenplay “The Big Short” was its big adapter Adam Mc Kay: “Will I ever go back to writing stuff like ‘Anchorman’? Like Luke Wilson facing flashbulbs and signing autographs while a street away someone’s picking out of a trash can. Though he has daughters, Foster, according to Thompson, had a very old, antiquated and unrealistic view of women.

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Also married to — pay attention — back before Mama Kardashian, the pre-female Bruce Jenner.

She’s writing a book about life from Elvis to Caitlyn and has a publisher.

"Elvis turned to me and said, 'You know, I am not gay, but that man is a damn good-looking man,' and I said, 'He is.

In fact, I think one day I am going to marry him,' and Elvis said, 'Yeah, over my dead body.'""So it's an insanely crazy moment that, you know, of course I couldn't of had any portent of what was to come," she adds.

In fact I now have three project ideas, and he’ll be in one of them.” At Vanity Fair’s party, Lady Gaga went gaga over Miss Caitlyn, whose plus-one was a lady named Ella.

Two who didn’t hug were Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, whom he’s unmarrying.

This way we didn’t get screwed up as a result.” Did she know?

California: Celebrity restaurant is Bruce Bozzi’s newly transplanted Palm. So crowded I could barely make out Judge Judy at one table and Melissa Rivers in a banquette . To know what it’s like to live with terror.” Oscar winner “Son of Saul” distributor Sony Pictures Classics: “We see every film, documentary, workshop, screening, whatever’s made.

That’s what keeps two people together." Thompson knows exactly what the Dutch model was talking about.

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