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Grant's change is soon impossible to deny: his face is pussy and misshapen, his mouth distended, his body stretchy, and his instincts both aggressively procreative and murderous.

Wholly crude and repellent, James Gunn's movie is also effectively delirious -- smart, fun, and obvious in its borrowings, not to mention rather fond of its tweaky characters.

But he's also resourceful and careful about his image.

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"I'll keep growin'," grrrs Grant, "'Til I'm everywhere, 'til I'm everything." What he doesn't see is Grant's mirroring of himself: the guy who loves the girl so hard and so long and so hopelessly that he loses himself.

Lucky for him, this loss of self becomes literal for Grant and his many extensions (all urgly, all pink and oozy, all soulless).

Chloe Sullivan stands in front of the memorial, looking at Jenna's photo. They displayed ornamentation that was very clearly Christian.

Chloe places a new lit candle on the memorial display table. It may be impossible to determine precisely what of Christian Jenna was.

That includes the requisite "old man" (Michael Cromien), who observes that alien-Grant "looks like the thing that fell of my dick during the war") and blustery mayor, Jack (Gregg Henry), unable to get out of his own way and prone to poor judgment (challenging alien-Grant to come out of hiding, he uses all sorts of invectives, from "cocksucker" to "pussy," then explains, "I'm using psychology").

Like all good menaces to earthlings, alien-Grant is all about the penetration.Cards and pictures are posted on the wall surrounding a nice framed photograph of Jenna.On either side of the photo of Jenna there are two Christian ornaments showing a Christian cross and a small figurine of Mary. Pete Ross: Maybe you should just swear off heat-sucking horndogs.Bill gets the usual limited help from several deadmeat deputies -- including plucky Trevor (Haig Sutherland) and Margaret (Jennifer Coping), invited by the guys to contribute to the resistance effort even though she's a "lesbo" -- but he's the obvious hero.Suitably reluctant and arrogant at the same time, he's disinclined to shoot things ("I will never understand what joy a grown man gets by blowing the face of a cute little deer," he says early on, during the "Deer Cheer," a dance to kick off hunting season).(Or perhaps the figure is Jesus.) These two ornaments have place of prominence higher than anything in this display other than the photo of Jenna herself. I've already hooked up with another date for next weekend. Analysis Clearly Jenna Barnum's religious affiliation was Christian.

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