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I would think, ' Oh, this guy is going to be amazing to play with – look at how much he knows!

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Trip hop’s dark moods, textures, noir vibe, and heavy rhythmic element—and its repetitive figures and almost trance-like quality—were what they found so alluring.

“I started going back in time with music and discovering all these guitar players that had that kind of dark, moody, melody stuff,” Kokal says.

What my mum and I really focus on is making sure that he has structure and discipline in his life, as well as fun, party times.

I realised that human beings need structure and discipline and they thrive off of it.

“My mom was always listening to her old records,” Warpaint’s Emily Kokal says about the music she heard growing up.

“She was really into Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Leon Russell, and all those people—Jackson Browne—so I was around a lot of acoustic guitar music.” Guitar-based classic rock and early new wave were in the air when Kokal and Warpaint co-guitarist, Theresa Wayman, were coming of age as budding musicians in Eugene, Oregon.

“I was about 13 when I started guitar,” Wayman says. I went to drumming, synths, electronic sounds, samplers, and things like that.

When I was about 19, my friend had an SG and a bunch of cool pedals in his garage.

“Bob Dylan, Talking Heads, Al Green, Cyndi Lauper—those were all things I was listening to when I was growing up,” Wayman adds.

“My friends recently made a playlist from The Harder They Come soundtrack, and I thought, ‘I listened to that album so much when I was younger.’” But it was electronic music, and specifically ’90s-era trip hop—a genre reliant on samples and drum machines—that inspired them to become musicians.

“Their parts are like melodic leads.” That describes Warpaint’s music, too: linear ostinatos, unorthodox chord voicings, gentle warbles, and pulsating modulations.

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