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Even though the wedding was on the mellow side, Vinny assured us he and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast really did get wild on the MTV show. In February Guadagnino denounced Nicki Minaj as a "bitch", recalling an incident where he tried to take a picture with Minaj.

Melanie Iglesias and Vinny Guadagnino separat Vinny Guadagnino is rumored to have hooked up with Jasmine Waltz in Sep In the past, Guadagnino dated his former Guy Code costar Melanie Iglesias from intobut the two have been broken up for a significant amount time.

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In 2013 news broke that Pauly had a daughter with waitress Amanda Market, though the couple did not have a previous relationship.

Custody drama aside, it seems that Pauly has taken to being a father and has had a successful career post-.

In 2014 they had their second child together, Giovanna, and the couple finally wed in October that same year.

She's also a very savvy business women, having written several books, her newest being aired in 2012, he checked himself into rehab "to get control of a prescription medication problem".

He also recently cut his famous hair, but dont worry, he's still got a blowout., where he had celebrities like Bella Thorne, Mark Wahlberg, and more come to his house to eat a home-cooked Italian meal.

Nowadays, he hosts a podcast, Get Into It with Vinny G, where he discusses "sports, pop culture, politics, self-help, food, comedy, dating and relationships" with his friends, family, and celebrities.

Published On 1 year ago in Entertainment 0 Comments. Their friendship was always the real love story of The Jersey Shore anyway.

Vinny had generalized anxiety disorder vinny jersey shore dating and had a hard time recovering from that and he also recovering from his strong nature and through this phase in his chest, it helped him a lot in the vinny jersey shore dating process.

Hey Vinny why won't you hook up with Snookie you guys are perfect for each other but i still like you.

Posted comments View vinny jersey shore dating comments 3 Labanna Aug 12, It's t-shirt time!! He is best known for his time on MTV's Jersey Shore.

The latest Tweets from Vinny Guadagnino Vinny Guadagnino Retweeted Jersey Shore.

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