Window continuously updating chart

If your computer is under very heavy load, and the user interface is often inactive or frozen and/or you cannot open any dialog windows (Example: Global Settings into one or more charts will increase the amount of time it takes for the chart data to load and for the studies on the chart to be calculated when there is a full recalculation of the studies.

The usual case which causes a full recalculation of studies is when the chart is opened as part of a Chartbook or study settings are changed. Although with Historical charts, if you are using studies on those charts that are time-consuming to calculate, then reducing the number of days in the Historical chart can reduce CPU usage.

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Ever seen a chart that looks like it’s chalked down on a blackboard? Width just one setting, switch between nearly 30 languages bundled with our product.

Or easily override any textual prompt with your own translation.

If the solutions listed below to reduce CPU usage and lessen the times when the user interface is inactive, are still not solving the problem, then run of Sierra Chart.

For instructions to do this, refer to Using DTC Server for Data and Trading in Another Sierra Chart Instance.

Your computer should be using a minimum of a quad core CPU with 16 gigabytes of memory for the best performance.

It is also important to use SSDs (Solid-state drives). Intel Xeon processors are available with even more CPU cores.Use one of the bundled beautiful themes, or build your own.Apply CSS styling including transforms and animations to just about any chart element. It’s easy to enable using am Chart’s unique options and themes.Use full-fledged responsive features transparently, or write your own responsive rules.We made it extremely easily control the charts using touch gestures.Combine graph types, stack them, or even override built-in functionality with your own using callback functions.

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