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You can connect your Android device via Wi-Fi or USB with Droid Cam.It works in Windows and Linux, and the Pro version also supports Bluetooth and browser access.Motorola 5" Portable Video Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi. I love that it comes with a parent monitor so you don't always have to use your phone, and babysitters have something to use at home.4.

There are a few apps out there that can help you turn your phone into a super-convenient wireless webcam and save some cash.

You can use your Android device as a PC webcam by downloading the Smart Cam app and desktop client.

I have tried Arlo, Alro Pro 2, Nest, Samsung, and now Motorola. Ones like Nest that use your home Wifi, which is always spotty at best and creates inexcusable lags, and ones that create their own network through radio frequency.

This Motorola, like Samsung, creates its own network. The Motorola works no more than 50 feet through walls and floors often just on the other side of a wall with a wood floor between.

You'll also need to download the computer client to run it. You can use your phone as a Bluetooth webcam in Mac OS X (or broadcast live video onto your website) with Movino.

It's a free, open source suite of applications that was originally developed as a university project, so if you know how, you can also tweak it to better fit your needs.

So I felt it wasn't worth my money because often times it would be in the wrong place but my child was asleep so I couldn't go in and move it so we could see her better.

With this one you can move all over which is WORTH IT! I like that you can unplug it and use it for a couple hours somewhere else, so if my child is playing in the family room and I need to be able to see them I can just unhook it and take it in a different room. I can hardly hear on the parent monitor, I know the sound works because when my child yells I can hear it.

However, just simple movement that I could pick up with my old monitor doesn't even come across on this one.

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