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-century Paris, and one of its vice units asked many of the same questions as the Urban Institute authors: How much do sex workers earn? Its inspectors compiled vast dossiers of information on the city’s elite sex workers and their patrons. To this day, it remains a mystery why the Parisian police spent so much time and effort observing an underground economy it apparently had no interest in curtailing. They paint a vivid portrait of 18, the world of elite prostitution.

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But most of the unit’s energy was spent watching a particular group of elite prostitutes that worked as professional mistresses.

Called kept women (the French term is century was not a profession in the modern sense of the term, but it was a job.

Certain brothels that catered to the male elite were allowed to operate.

It was one duty of the vice unit’s inspectors to make sure the madams of these “authorized” brothels abided by certain rules, one of which was to supply the inspectors with a steady stream of information.

It was the first of at least 20 that came to make up her file, covering more than a decade of her life in elite sex work.

The first report was a sort of back history, which the inspector tried to assemble on most of his subjects.Her virginity gone, she was “ruined,” theoretically unfit for marriage.Meusnier goes on: At Carlier’s, Blanchefort met an army officer who pulled her out of the brothel to set her up as his mistress.But they took a giant leap forward at midcentury, with the work of several Paris police inspectors, including Inspector Jean-Baptiste Meusnier, the officer in charge of this vice unit from its inception until 1759.Meusnier and his successor also had clear literary talent; the reports are extremely well written, replete with irony, clever turns of phrase, and even narrative tension—at times, they read like novels. In 1752, Inspector Meusnier wrote a report about a woman named Demoiselle Blanchefort.What was sold was standardized: sex, company, the pretense of affection, and usually the illusion that the patron was the center of the mistress’s world.

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