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The Oddly Specific Dating sites for tall and short people: is a site for short people to seek out people of similar stature.

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The Ones that are Basically Cock-Blocking Darwin STD Dating Sites: Totally bummed because you got hit with the herp and are worried you’ll never get laid in daylight again? Protect the general population by only bumping-uglies with people whose uglies are also disease-ridden.

I hear that’s how Cinderella met Prince Charming after she got a little too reckless on Spring Break (wooooo SB 1900!!! Women Behind Bars: Are you the kind of guy that needs to know where your girlfriend is every minute of every day?

I can just picture the wedding ceremony now…”We are gathered here today to join in holy matrimony, the ungodly amounts of debt of ‘Pocket Ace’ and ‘Lady Luck’” Aww, I’m getting all teary-eyed just thinking about it.

The Cringe-Worthy Furry Dating: No, this isn’t a site for hairy people to meet and make bear-like babies.

Vampire Rave: No, this is not for those little Twi-hard fans desperately in search of their own Edward Cullen to suck their blood and impregnate them with a killer-fetus .

This is a site for people who actually consider themselves vampires. After all, there’s no better way for the dead to feel alive than by falling in love.

420 Dating Sites: I’m convinced that this is an elaborate sting operation being implemented by the Federal Government.

It literally says “Enter to find the smokers in your area!

This is the perfect place to find someone who loves hating life as much as you do.

I’d be willing to bet there aren’t too many people smiling in their profile pictures on this site…happy hunting!

Marrymesugardaddy.com: Only a true gold-digger would find a way to make a profit off of gold-digging.

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