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Alternative sources suggest that there are 146,122 Turkish settlers from Anatolia in TRNC (2007 figures) contrary to the picture presented by the 2006 TRNC census.Almost one-third of the Turkish settlers in Northern Cyprus have been granted TRNC citizenship by the authorities of Northern Cyprus and have thus been naturalized.English is widely spoken on the island, and Russian has become fairly widespread in recent years due to the influx of immigrants and investors from CIS countries.

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94.8% of the population are Christian Orthodox, 0.9% Armenians and Maronites, 1.5% Roman Catholics ("Latins"), 1.0% Church of England, and 0.6% Muslims.

The remaining 1.3% adhere to other religious denominations or did not state their religion.

The largest non-EU groups are Filipinos (9,413), Russians (8,164), Sri Lankans (7,269) and Vietnamese (7,028). The demographic character of Northern Cyprus changed after the Turkish invasion in 1974 and especially during the last 10–15 years.

The TRNC census carried out in April 2006 showed that out of a total population of 256,644 in Northern Cyprus, 132,635, or 52%, were Turkish Cypriots in the sense that they were born in Cyprus of at least one Cyprus-born parent (for 120,007 of these both parents were Cyprus-born).

The population of Northern Cyprus includes some 150,000–160,000 Turkish immigrants who are regarded as illegal settlers by the Republic of Cyprus government and are not included in the population statistics of the Republic of Cyprus Statistical Service.

In the census from 1881 to 1960, all Muslims are counted as Turks, only Greek Orthodox are counted as Greeks.

The coup had been ordered by the military Junta in Greece and staged by the Cypriot National Guard In July 1974, Turkish forces invaded and captured 3% of the island before a ceasefire was declared.

The Greek military junta collapsed and was replaced by a democratic government.

Cyprus is also the home of a Jewish community with a Synagogue in Larnaca.

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