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= '' order by id Album desc limit 10 T:3232 DEBUG: CRecently Added Job:: Update Videos() - Running Recently Added home screen update T:3700 DEBUG: CRemote Control:: Connect - failed to connect T:3700 INFO: CRemote Control:rocess - failed to connect to irss, will keep retrying every 5 seconds T:1524 NOTICE: CVideo Database:: Clean Database: Starting videodatabase cleanup .. T:1524 DEBUG: CAnnouncement Manager - Announcement: On Clean Started from xbmc You need to delay xbmc startup to allow networking to load first, in Linux a sleep command works.

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I already run a script before the XBMC binary launches which copies various XML files such as from the NAS and this works.

Also, as stated, version 11 of XBMC doesn't have this issue (have re-verified this) with exactly the same network / hardware / OS setup so this issue has definitely been introduced into v12 for me.

I do currently have a script that runs prior to XBMC which copies some files and resources before starting the application binary, and this script runs fine.

The script also accesses data from the same NAS unit so I know the PC can "talk" to the NAS fine. The machine can be up for a while for example (and used) before XBMC is started and the same problem exists.

The directory does exist, and going through the directory in files mode works fine.

I appreciate I've not uploaded my full log at this stage as I thought I would ask if anyone else has experienced this issue first. Jon Hello, Hoping someone can jump in an offer some advice and thoughts. T:2748 NOTICE: Thread CTCPServer start, auto delete: false T:1048 DEBUG: ------ Window Init (Dialog Extended Progress Bar.xml) ------ T:3956 NOTICE: UDP: Listening on port 9777 T:3764 DEBUG: MUSIC_INFO:: CMusic Info Scanner:rocess - Starting scan T:1524 NOTICE: Video Info Scanner: Starting scan .. T:1524 DEBUG: CAnnouncement Manager - Announcement: On Scan Started from xbmc T:1524 DEBUG: GOT ANNOUNCEMENT, type: 16, from xbmc, message On Scan Started T:3816 NOTICE: Thread CMusic Info Scanner start, auto delete: false T:3816 DEBUG: Thread CMusic Info Scanner 3816 terminating T:3764 DEBUG: MUSIC_INFO:: CMusic Info Scanner:rocess - Finished scan T:3764 NOTICE: My Music: Scanning for music info using worker thread, operation took T:3764 DEBUG: CAnnouncement Manager - Announcement: On Scan Finished from xbmc T:3764 DEBUG: GOT ANNOUNCEMENT, type: 32, from xbmc, message On Scan Finished T:1524 WARNING: VIDEO:: CVideo Info Scanner:rocess directory 'smb://' does not exist - skipping scan and clean.Hi Artrafael, Thanks for your response and suggestion, again it is appreciated!The issue is definitely not related to my NAS, which is awake and responsive.In Windows if you make a file to use as your xbmc launch target you just need to add a delay before the run xbmc command Thanks for your reply, it is appreciated.

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