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As a young man, I always knew there was something wrong with the way I was doing evangelism.God used Reisinger’s book to expose the superficiality of my message and methodology.

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It is the Book of books, the very Word of God, and the only written document that possesses the power to save and transform lives.

It sits on the right-hand corner of my desk; its cover is worn, and its pages are yellow and torn from much use.

Finally, one of my fellow staff members went online and found it. Radio stations began calling and asking for interviews, and debates were going on all over the Internet either for or against what I had preached.

Even after all these years, we still receive testimonies from around the world of people who have been converted through that sermon. Positively, it has allowed me to preach and write about the Gospel and the nature of genuine conversion.

People were sending in testimonies of how they had been saved through “The Shocking Youth Message.” All of us at Heart Cry were bewildered.

We had no idea what message the people were writing about or if I was the one who had preached it.

There was a message burning in my heart, but I knew that it would be offensive.

As I began to speak about the influence of culture on the church, the people in the auditorium broke forth in applause. At that moment, I took up my text in Matthew 7 and began to preach.

Halfway through the book, I was full of fear because of the way I had been preaching the Gospel. by Iain Murray, which is one of the best treatments of revival and the power of the Holy Spirit I have ever come across. At times, I would have to pause the tape and simply lie prostrate on the floor. Many people first learn about you through You Tube and the “Shocking Youth Message.” Can you tell how that message came about, and how it came to be a You Tube hit?

That day, I promised God that if He would let me live, I would never preach the Gospel in a superficial manner again. It most closely resembles my beliefs with regard to this doctrine. What has the message meant to your life and ministry?

The greatest catalyst for spiritual maturity in the truly converted is a greater revelation of the love of God in Christ.

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