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Incest and sexual abuse of children take many forms and may include sexually suggestive language; prolonged kissing, looking, and petting; vaginal and/or anal intercourse; and oral sex.

Because sexual contact is often achieved without overt physical force, there may be no obvious signs of physical harm.

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" Hearing women say that no one touched them sexually at that young an age helps me realize that something in my childhood was really wrong.

It's been really hard to figure out how this has affected me with men.

I need permission to feel uncomfortable with certain sexual acts.

Just as battered women and women who have been raped often blame themselves for the violence, those of us who have survived childhood sexual abuse struggle with self-blame.

Teenagers with a history of incest might "sleep around" in order to feel accepted, or run away from our homes and communities.

Depression is another common response to the abuse, and adult survivors often turn to drugs and alcohol to mask the pain. It is often very difficult to talk about incest or childhood sexual abuse.The extent of incest and childhood sexual abuse is difficult to measure because of lack of reporting and lack of memory.One study in which adults were asked to report on past incidents found that one in four girls and one in ten boys experienced sexual abuse.A sexually abusive relationship is one over which a child or young woman has no control.A trusted family member or friend uses his power, as well as a child's love and dependence, to initiate sexual contact and often to ensure that the relationship continues and remains secret.YOU ARE READING Humor After reading this, your brain cells will die a slow and painful death. She is wearing a white retro frock that reminds me of my childhood. She looks at me with her drunk eyes and gives me a smile followed by a hug.

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